Got Questions about Custom Big Rings? We've Got Answers!

What Metal is Used?

BRASS - We use brass metal for our custom big rings. Then we can finalized the rings with different metallic finishes including an 18k lacquer, chrome, brass, and different colors of paint. We do not use any plastics, and our custom big rings are solid brass (not hollow).

How Do I Begin the Artwork Process?

All you have to do is fill out the form and contact us to start the free artwork process. Some clients draw a sketch and send it over, while others just sent their logo and any needed wording along with any colors they want, and we do all the creative work for you! It's that simple. You review it, approve it, and we nail it!

What is the Normal Production Time?

Production can take up to 4 weeks once the deposit is paid and all artwork is approved.

Where is Custom Big Rings Located? Where are Products Shipped From?

Custom Big Rings and the entire ProAmBelts Inc. family happily calls Ohio home. We ship via UPS and always provide tracking information on each order. And for those of you outside the USA... Yes, we do international orders! Please contact us today for shipping quotes for international orders

What is the Price for One Ring?

The answer for this can vary from customer to customer because the needs may differ greatly. A good starting spot would be around $199.00 for a single ring and $349 for a pair, but remember these are 100% fully custom championship awards, so your changes will impact the price!

What Forms of Payment do you Accept?

We accept all forms of payment, credit/debit, checks, money orders, paypal, etc., and we send an online invoice where you can pay online!

Do Products Come With a Warranty?

We guarantee 100% our products and excel at customer service and long term business relations. If a product is abused by a client, for example dropping the rings on concrete or scratching the surface from punching items, then we can not guarantee that. Contact us with any questions!

How Long Have You Been in Business?

We have over 10 years of business on an international level, as we are a company of ProAmBelts.com and ChampionshipChains.com, and our business and craftsmanship has the same quality as those.

What Size Are these Rings?

We do not make the sizes of a ring to fit exactly like a ring you would wear on a daily basis being the idea of our product is that numerous people will be wearing them for sporting or business events, so we make the rings large enough to fit all types of fingers and or if people are wearing sporting gloves and want to put the rings on top of them.

What Types of Custom Big Rings do you Make?

We can make touchdown rings, top sale rings, hip hop rings, mvp rings, turnover rings, championship brass rings, brass knuckle, nameplate brass knuckles, and so many more... any new ideas just contact us and we'll design everything

Contact us today and we'll be happy to help answer any questions you may have!

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Fully custom and made out of the highest-quality metals finished in 18k gold or silver!

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